Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are manufactured of corrugated or pleated fabric resembling folds on the harmonica and are designed for installation on horizontal, inclined and other various window openings.

A significant advantage of this system is its versatility of installation. You can install Pleated blinds on windows of a complex architectural form. Sometimes when choosing a sun protection, pleate blinds can be the only solution for windows with non-standard shapes like in the form of an arch, trapezium, triangular or attic.

Pleated blinds can be used as an element of decoration or for creating of a unique style composition by combining them with traditional curtains or lace curtains.

Features of the system:
Full control over the level of light in the room.
Made from 100% eco-friendly materials.
Easy to control
Manual or automated control.
Silent mode.
2 years warranty.
What types of Pleated blinds are there?
There are many configurations, shapes and sizes of pleated blinds. This sun protection system is a canvas of pleated fabric attached to two alumium profiles, which makes it possible to open the blinds both up and down. When adjusting the position of the curtains, the fabric is squeezed folded into a double harmonica, reducing the dimensions of the blinds. When folded, the canvas is about 4-5 cm in size, almost not blocking the light from coming through. Opening the system in both directions, you can adjust the lighting level, while maintaining comfortable temperature conditions and an atmosphere of cosiness in the room.

The mounting of corrugated blinds is almost the same as the installation of classic horizontal blinds. System mounting is carried out on a molding fillet, wall or window opening. Pleated blinds can be made by individual sizes. If you have a round-shaped window, a pleat blind will by an easy solution for this task.

Modern and environmentally friendly materials of different texture, density and color are used for the fabric manufacturing for Pleated blinds. Virtually all fabrics are treated with a special impregnation, which has anti-dust properties, prevents the blinds from burning out on the sun and retains the shape of the canvas, making the folds perfectly even.
30 cm
Minimum width
150 cm
Maximum width
250 cm
Maximum height
3,75 m2
Maximum area
Installation options:
in the window opening
on the window opening
windows of regular and irregular shapes
panoramic windows
glass facades
Operational options:
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