Many companies are experiencing hard times in an era when products lose their value as they are replaced with cheap Chinese knock-offs. But the popularity of these knock-offs does not imply that they are quality products - just that they are more available. However, customers are interested in their and their children's protection from harmful substances and will ask themselves - can they trust the quality of the product and does it truly correspond to the stated price ? Our specialists are ready to answer these questions. Our mutual task is to give value to quality products instead of following the path set by the manufacturers of cheap products.
We invite manufacturers, dealers and everyone who is interested in working with protection systems and window decoration to cooperate!
Are you tired of waiting for your order to be manufactured? Do you think that discounts are not flexible enough to win the order from the competitors? Efficiency and price are very important for the customers. Our company offers wholesale and small wholesale components for almost all existing types of curtain tracks, roller and Roman blinds. Start your production with us.
The advantages of own production:
Own production has a positive effect on the price, terms and quality. Often the price between companies that can produce the products by themselves and companies that order everything from others can vary for at least 30%. Deadlines can be shifted independently, depending on the readiness of the other parts of the order. Only you decide when and which order should be proceeded. You can always check the quality of the product so that you won't be ashamed because of the incomplete or wrong order during the blinds installation.
The fact that the parts are stored in your warehouse solves the problem with the loading technical staff down with work. It will be easier to keep a qualified employee who is not overhelmed with a heavy workload and is awaiting an installation order from you,while you are paying for his time from your own pocket. In his spare time he collects the order and you are getting profit from assembly of your own components. Moreover, employee can get additional income without looking into your wallet. Even if there was a mistake during the manufacture of products, it will be easy to fix it.
We offer:
Impeccable quality.
We do not have components and fabrics of a bad quality - only proven suppliers. We work only with factories that use all the technological processes and have quality certificates.
Qualified assistance.
We will undertake training of your staff - we will teach them to install any product and will provide all the technical information for free. Engineering department specialists will answer any questions and will give you an advice in case of complex problems.
We are always in touch.
Our experience that we have accumulated for 17 years will help you to solve any tasks. You will not be assigned to a manager who wants to sell you something but to an operating personnel who are accustomed to the solving of those tasks.
To be faster and more flexible, or to be like everyone else? It is up to you.
Call us if you chose the first option.
Do you want your own mini production?