Roller blinds

Roller blinds

Rafinessa is an innovative solution in the sun protection systems design. It combines the mechanism of classic roller blinds and the functionality of traditional blinds, also known as 3D-SHADE, silhouette blinds or Shangrila.

The main feature of the Rafinessa roller blinds is that it has three planes, which can change the angle of inclination of the inner lamellae. Due to the fabric that we use, sheets with different density and transparency create lightness and ease in controlling the light in the room.

By controlling the chain mechanism (as in louvre blinds) we can achieve the effect of a volumetric shadow, creating three levels of illumination:
  • Open mode - Maximum illumination of a room.
  • Closed mode - Protection of the room from light, using tightly closed dense lamellae.
  • Intermediate mode - Free sun and shadow regulation in accordance with the wishes and maximum accuracy.
Features of the system:
Full control over the level of light in the room.
Made from 100% eco-friendly materials.
Easy to control
Manual or automated control.
Silent mode.
2 years warranty.
What is "Rafinessa"?
RAFINESSA open system is a roller blind with a chain mechanism combined with the special 3D sheet. One of the features of that sheet are horizontal lamellae made of thick light-tight fabric, which are sewn between two layers of transparent mesh fabric with or without patterns. The Fabric is made of high quality materials, therefore, compared with traditional plastic counterparts, they are completely silent in motion.

By an easy rotating of the chain (which can be installed on both left and right sides) the blind unwinds from the shaft and can be fixed at a desired height. When the blind is fully lowered, it covers the window completely and stops all the unwanted light from coming through. If you continue to rotate the control chain, drum mechanism will show you the unique feature of the Rafinessa blind. Fabric lamellae by changing the angle of inclination, open and transmit light through transparent vertical canvases at the desired angle. In such a way they scatter daylight, eliminating glare and direct sunlight and creating a voluminous shade in the room. The opening of the lamellae occurs only after the fabric is fully lowered down. Opening lamellae in an intermediate position is impossible!

Rafinessa is not fixed or regulated on the sides. Even winding is achieved by blind's own weight and a plank on its bottom. You can control it manually as well as using a remote controler or a wall switch.

Rafinessa system can be perfectly combined with big windows and can be installed on the window, window opening or above the window using wall or end-type brackets. Due to the simplicity of operation and its aesthetic qualities, Rafinessa will fit both residential and office premises.

Due to its versatility and combination of the mechanisms of roller and louvre blinds, this model will save you from the difficult choices that arise from while being involved in the interiors arrangement.
70 cm
Minimum width
270 cm
Maximum width
300 cm
Maximum height
8 m2
Maximum area
Installation options:
in the window opening
on the window opening
regularly shaped windows
panoramic windows
glass facades
Operational options:
"Smart house"
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